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A Century of Giving

In May 2021 the Sir James Reckitt Charity celebrated the centenary of its foundation by Sir James Reckitt, a successful Hull industrialist who was instrumental in steering the family starch-making business towards becoming a major manufacturer of household products with an international presence.

Sir James was a Quaker who had a desire to promote the social, material and moral welfare of the citizens of Hull and East Yorkshire. As a result, he was responsible for many good works in the city and wider afield. Today's trustees - many of whom are descendants of Sir James Reckitt - are determined to carry on his vision.

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The Foundation of the Charity

The Charity was established in May 1921 with the endowment by Sir James Reckitt of shares in the company of Reckitt & Sons Ltd. Its trust deed enabled the trustees to use the income generated by the endowment for such charitable purposes as they deemed fit but guided by the intentions of the Founder.

While not wishing to “fetter the discretion of the Trustees”, Sir James clearly expressed his wish to support causes connected with the Society of Friends (Quakers) and those associated with the city of Hull and the county of East Yorkshire. These remain the priority areas of giving of the Charity a century later.

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The Charity Today

A hundred years on, the Charity enjoys a respected position, particularly in the local area and in Quaker circles. Wise financial management by the trustees has enabled the Charity to pursue the objectives laid down by Sir James Reckitt and exercise the discretion which he allowed.

In recent years, the trustees have been able to grant over £1m each year for the public benefit. Priority areas of giving remain the city of Hull, the county of East Yorkshire and causes associated with the Society of Friends wherever they may be. Support may also be extended to national charities, particularly if their work brings benefit to the people of Hull or East Yorkshire.

How we operate & what we fund

The Sir James Reckitt Charity is a cost-efficient organisation, employing two part-time administrators whose work includes the review of all grant applications and 16 volunteer trustees to oversee the grant making and financial management.

We have a special project to help develop a peace curriculum for schools, and are looking for more educators to get involved.

How to apply

We welcome applications from charities and organizations associated with Hull and East
Yorkshire or with the Society of Friends (Quakers).
You can apply online in just 30 minutes.