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The application should include the following key points :

The name and address of your organisation; telephone number and email address.

The nature of your organisation; its structure, aims and
who it serves; and its links with other agencies and networks.

The project or funding need. What is the grant to be used for and who will benefit from it.

When is the funding required; the date of the project or event.

The bank account payee name of your organisation.

Any links to the Hull and East Yorkshire region, or the Quakers (which together are our funding priorities).

A copy of your latest Annual Report and Accounts or equivalent.

How to apply

Application is to be made by letter. We do not have an application form.

Trustees meet in May and November. Applications should be submitted well in advance of these meetings as late submissions are likely to be carried forward to the following meeting.

The majority of grant applications are for funding of between £500 and £5,000 although larger grants can be considered. Small grants can be made outside of the scheduled meetings, particularly if there is an element of urgency involved.

Applications to the Consortium of Grant Giving Trusts (Hull and East Yorkshire) should only be made by the agency working with the individual or family. The Consortium application form - which may be downloaded from the LINKS page - is not to be used for any other purpose.


Your Application should be sent to :

The Administrator
The Sir James Reckitt Charity
7 Derrymore Road
East Yorkshire
HU10 6ES

Enquiries :


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